Natural Gas & Electric Power

We Help utilities and power-generation companies develop strategies to shape future growth, drive capital productivity, and perform operational transformations

Utilities and Power-Generation

We help utilities and power-generation companies create Change that Matters throughout their energy transition, using digitization, automation, and AI to achieve sustainable value and stay ahead of consumer trends and market dynamics.

We serve top oil and gas companies, power generators, pipeline operators, wholesale and distribution utilities, traders, and industrial buyers. We help clients develop insights into opportunities and risks, tailor their strategy to market outlook, evaluate asset and contract portfolios, define their regulatory stance, adopt powerful digital and analytic technologies, build capabilities, manage talent, and achieve operational excellence.

Our Expertise in Natural Gas and Electric Power

  • Capital Projects
  • Corporate Transformation
  • Customer
  • Digital & Advanced Analytics
  • Midstream & Downstream Natural Gas
  • Nuclear Energy Services
  • Procurement & Supply Management
  • Renewable Energy & New Downstream
  • Strategy & Risk
  • Thermal Power Generation
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Water & Waste

Power Solutions

Power Solutions helps electric-power utilities improve performance and reduce costs by unlocking the value of digital and advanced analytics.

Emerging digital and advanced-analytics techniques present an opportunity for utilities to overcome these challenges, enhancing performance across the energy chain and capturing hidden value from business strategy and operations.


Power Solutions helps utilities transform the way they operate by using benchmarking and advanced analytics to make better asset, portfolio, and customer decisions.

Optimal AI

Processing plants are complex, with intricate, non-linear interactions across thousands of variables and multiple trade-offs to solve for.

Amidst this complexity, technology generates enormous amounts of data across the value chain. When used to its full potential, data can drive productivity improvement and help plants achieve optimal results.
Capturing value from advanced analytics requires multiple skillsets, such as data science, process control and metallurgy, IT, change management, and capability building. 

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